Matrix - distinguishing if you are awake or asleep Neo...

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Elizabeth VanConia Josh Johnson Philosophy 105 February 22, 2011 The Matrix The Matrix is an extremely philosophical movie. The movie alluded to many topics that we have been discussing during class. After taking the red pill the main character, Neo, is committed to stay in wonderland and discover its depths. However he second-guesses his decision and discusses this with Morpheus. Morpheus asked him if he would really want to go back. This comment relates to the Allegory of the Cave. It would be impossible to go back to your old way of life after catching a glimpse of such a different reality as both Neo and the prisoner did. Also, we see Neo waking up several times throughout the movie and never see him fall asleep. Could he be living one dream after another? This relates to Descartes’ dream argument. While we are dreaming we usually don’t realize we are. Dreams can trick us, so Descartes argues that there is never a reliable way of
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Unformatted text preview: distinguishing if you are awake or asleep. Neo begins to question what is real and what is not real, which is a big topic in philosophy. He now has experienced two worlds. He takes a red pill to enter into the matrix, so how can we really know that this world he is experiencing isn’t merely a side effect of this pill. Neo becomes overwhelmed with all these new things he is experiencing and learning. I sometimes feel overwhelmed discussing the ideas of philosophy too; it can be a lot to think about. Neo questions why he was chosen to witness the world of the matrix. He sees that someone else is controlling the human race and they will never be free as long as the matrix exists. We discussed in class the possibility that our brain is somewhere else being controlled and our life is a simulation. This relates to the idea of skepticism, or rejecting what seems to be....
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Matrix - distinguishing if you are awake or asleep Neo...

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