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Elle VanConia Reading Questions March 1, 2011 1. Aristotle is saying that if you are unable to portray your knowledge to others in a way that they too will grasp the ideas then you don’t really have knowledge of that idea. I think that by saying you can not teach experience he is saying that by telling others about our experiences they cannot grasp the full knowledge gained by that experience because they have to witness for themselves. Only the person experiencing the act can gain the full effect. He says the man of experience is wiser than someone who merely posses sense. Our senses can only tell us so much; we need knowledge to be able to explain and interpret what our senses are experiencing. 2. Aristotle names the first primary cause as something out of which something else comes to be and persist, an example of this is the pieces of wood that come to be a desk.
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Unformatted text preview: The second primary cause is the form of an object and the parts in the definition; an example of this description might be a swimming pool, for without water it could not be a swimming pool. The third primary cause stated by Aristotle is the source that causes something to change or come to rest. An example of this would be a teacher causes learning in their students. The final primary cause of things is the sake of which a thing is done, or the explanation of why things do what they do. Why do people go to school? People are caused to go to school to get an education and earn a salary in future careers. 3. The ten “expressions” are substance, quantity, quality, relation, place, time, position, state, action, and affection....
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