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Elle VanConia February 15, 2011 Reading Questions 1. I think I would have to take the stance that Gettier’s counterexamples demonstrate that a justified, true, belief is not sufficient to count as knowledge. After seeing Gettier’s counterexamples and those provided by you dealing with the duck I would say there is an aspect missing from the JTB theory. If something you think to be true is in reality true but you believe it to be true based upon something that is unjustified then your basis is false, therefore the knowledge you are holding is false. I think the way you arrived in attaining the knowledge must also be true. 2. I do not agree with the maxim that we should not completely trust someone/something even if we have been deceived by it even once. I think that our senses, although may deceive us at times, are reliable enough to still be deserving of our trust. If we
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Unformatted text preview: completely disregarded trust in anything or anyone who has deceived us even once, then there would be very little we could have trust in. I would prefer to be an optimistic about trusting in things, rather than always looking for deceit. I believe in second chances, however, trust should be lost in those things that deceive us consistently. 3. I think this is significant because no matter how hard he tries these thoughts of his “old familiar opinions” are going to continue intruding his mind. These thoughts show he may be second-guessing his skepticism beliefs and may never be able to discover the truth for himself. Common sense gained its name for a reason. It is knowledge that seems to be universally known and does not always come from experience. Common sense ideas are impossible to block out because they are often the basis we create other beliefs from....
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