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20 - people are not capable of seeing the value in...

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Elizabeth VanConia Reading questions due 1/20 1. Russell criticizes the "practical man" who cares more for material needs than the needs of the mind. Do you think this criticism is just? Whyor why not? I would agree with Russell’s criticism. Providing food for the mind gives us knowledge and opinions, making us an individual rather than just a body. Our bodies may be physically capable of work, but the mind controls the work that is done. Without the mind the body would be of little to no use. 2. Name at least two reasons that Russell gives as to why philosophy is regarded by some to be without value. Philosophy does not have the proven achievements that other sciences do. When topics studied under philosophy become fact they become part of a separate science. Another thing is that philosophy does not have a sense of certainty. Some
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Unformatted text preview: people are not capable of seeing the value in something that is not certain. 3. Russell concludes that philosophy rarely gives definite answers to the questions and problems that it deals with (although he is not necessarily correct about this), yet he does not regard this as a problem. Name at least two reasons why Russell thinks that it's OK that philosophy rarely provides definite answers. Russell believes that it is not the answers that are important in philosophy, but the questions themselves. He thinks that just by analyzing these questions one gains intelligence and imagination. Also, Russell believes the mind forms a union with the universe through philosophy....
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