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24 - incomprehensible.” He is simply arguing for how...

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Elle VanConia Due on 3/24 1. I do not think Pascal’s Wager is an attempt to prove that God exists. I think this text is saying that although we cannot be sure of Gods existence, we have everything to gain by having faith in his existence. He says that by “wagering,” or believing in God, “If you gain, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing.” He is saying that by wagering we will be better people, and be happier through life. 2. I think Pascal does stay true to this assumption. He never states that we can know absolutely that God exist, therefore if there is a possibility that he may not then we cannot comprehend him. Pascal never gives reasoning that God truly does exist, he says be cannot be sure either way. By not arguing for Gods existence, Pascal is able to stay true to his assumption that God is “infinitely
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Unformatted text preview: incomprehensible.” He is simply arguing for how wagering our belief can affect our lives. 3. Something cannot appear out of mid air. It must be created out of something or by something. It is like the saying, “what came first the chicken or the egg?” The egg cannot exist without the chicken, but the chicken hatches from the egg. Things are not created magically today, so it would be inconsistent to say that they originally came into existence “magically.” We learned previously that all things depend on primary substances for existence, so if an object has no cause for existence then it would not be dependent on anything to exist, which would contradict what we have learned. Everything in existence is dependent on something else for its creation and possibly to be sustained....
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