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Elizabeth VanConia Matthew Bardowell English 260 February 18, 2011 Psychological Transformation and the Short Story The short story is an ingenious form of literature that is able to condense action to usually a single situation focused on a single character, yet still conveys elaborate description and realism. There are many elements that contribute to the form of the short story, one being their ability to portray epiphanies of the protagonist or other characters. The authors of The Longman Masters of Short Fiction , Dana Gioia and R.S. Gwynn, write: From the beginning, readers and writers alike have understood that among literary forms, the short story was especially suited to capture moments of spiritual and psychological transformation. Since the form often contrasts the protagonist’s inner life with outer circumstances, these moments of transformation often occur in ways invisible to any observer but the reader, (Gioia and Gwynn 5).
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Readers are able to see the transformation of the characters and often their battle with the circumstances of their environment. In the stories “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, and “The Story of an Hour” written by Kate Chopin, readers are witnesses of the transformations the characters of Tessie Hutchinson and Mrs. Mallard undergo. Both women experience epiphanies before the eyes of readers. “The Lottery” and “The Story of an Hour” are both representative of a protagonist woman who experiences a change to become aware of the lives they should have never lost sight of. This realization brings death upon both Tessie Hutchinson and Mrs. Mallard.
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Paper1Draft - E lizabeth VanConia Matthew Bardowell English...

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