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11 - o Biologically determined • Christian o Total...

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Pessimistic naturalism (Nihilism-comes from Latin word for nothing) 1. Low view of human reason (skepticism) Modern/optimistic o Knowledge=belief that is objective and certain (Objective) Free from biased of tradition Scientific knowledge- universally true everywhere We can get objectivity and certainty Pessimist/nihilist o Modern idea of objectivity is impossible to attain o The only knowledge that we have is finite, limited cultural perspective
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Unformatted text preview: o Biologically determined • Christian o Total skepticism is impossible o Transcendent reason revealed o Human reason comes from God o Cultural and human limits do not equal relativism 2. Low view of human dignity/value 3. Low view of human morality • No objective purpose no objective, universal moral obligations Morality is invented, not discovered moral relativism...
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