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Elizabeth VanConia Dr. Farley Theology 100 February 21, 2011 Worldview Paper Reflection Coming to SLU, I had a very limited background in theology, so I knew I could come away from this course learning a lot. However, I learned more in this first unit than I imagined I would. I had never heard of the worldview of pantheism before, and the term deism sounded only slightly familiar. I learned a lot about how the Christianity worldview differs from some of the other main worldviews. I expected some of the worldviews to include more similar ideas with each other. I was not expecting such drastically different ideas regarding religious beliefs. The idea of pantheism was most interesting to me because it seems so out there. It’s hard to understand the belief that God exists in everything, even material objects such as my desk. Also, pantheism believes that our main problem is our lack of insight to the oneness of all things. It’s hard to believe that as humans we are lacking insight to our own world, making this a hard concept for
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