TA Notes 1.20.2010

TA Notes 1.20.2010 - o Ex selling lemonade Partnership: two...

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TA Notes 1/20/2010 Cengage documents and instructions used can be found in blackboard under additional document First HW sue 1/24/2010 @ 11:00pm Homework Incentive: if you answer all the questions on homework and get a perfect score you will receive one extra credit point added to your final grade If you have a problem with Cengage while completing an assignment email Professor Wurst immediately Homework is due at the time listed in Cengage which may be different from the syllabus so check Cengage often 3 forms of Businesses Sole Proprietorship: one person embarking on a legal business activity.
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Unformatted text preview: o Ex selling lemonade Partnership: two or more people involved in any legal profit baring endeavor Corporation Business Activity Categories Financing Activities: ways a company accumulates capital (business does this first) o Own money (self financing) o Borrowing or issuing bonds (debt financing) o Sale of stock Investing Activities: Spending of capital o Buying buildings, equipment, and assets needed to run you business Operating Activities: money made or spent performing whatever it is your business does! Communication is the most important aspect of accounting...
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TA Notes 1.20.2010 - o Ex selling lemonade Partnership: two...

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