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Food Drive ends April 29 th at 12:00 noon. Common annuity lottery Using Future value table n is the number of periods. To find the fv or present value using the tables look for the factor then multiply that times the nume *100 interest four years compounded semi annually for for years. What is the factor and future value? 100* 1.369=136.9 You can get 12% interest compound annually semi annually and quarterly. You put 1000 away? Annually: 1120 Semi annually:1124 If you 1000$ 5 years from now and you interest 6% in compounded annually? How much do you need to
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Unformatted text preview: put away today? $747 Annuity is a series of sums. If you can get 6% interest and you put 1000 a year away. How much will you have 8 years from today? 9.897*10000= 9,897 You just won the lotter and you have the choice of 20 million a year for 5 years (100,000,000) If the prevailing interest is 4% what would the cash payout be? = 4.4.52*20,000,000=89,040,000 10,000,000 a year for six years or some other number assuming an interest rate of 2 percent. 5.601*10,00,000=5,601,000...
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