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Sustainable Environments 401 - Sustainable Environments GUS...

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Sustainable Environments GUS 0842 Fall 2010 General Information Section 401 Meeting Time W 5:30-8:00 TUCC 1515 Market St Room 303 Instructor Allison Hayes-Conroy Office: Gladfelter Hall ______ Phone: TBA Email: [email protected] Office Hours: M W F 11-11:40 or by appointment* * office hours subject to change, I will try to be available by skype for those not on main campus Blackboard Information on this course, including this syllabus, relevant links, assignment descriptions, and other information is available on Blackboard at . Check the course Blackboard site often for announcements, assignments and other information! Course Description and Objectives How do we reckon with environmental crises at multiple scales, from the neighborhood to the atmosphere and oceans? This course is designed for students to begin to engage directly with key issues and concepts in environmental studies and sustainability. While the course has been built with a recognition that we live, act, and consume from within the US (a situatedness that greatly effects our environmental impacts), the course introduces current environmental concerns from a global perspective. We will explore multiple kinds of “sustainable environments” and come to understand multiple meanings of environmental sustainability. The term “sustainability” originally referred to the use of natural resources in a way that satisfies current needs without “taking away the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (U.N., 1987: 14). Moving beyond this definition, we will begin to critically analyze current approaches to environmental sustainability and come to understand some of the material and ideological challenges that sustainability entails. The course has two broad objectives: (1) to promote environmental literacy – students’ increased capacity to read academic and popular articles on environmental issues, to understand key debates and discussions, and to begin to “read” the landscapes around them in terms of current concerns, and (2) to promote critical thinking – learning how to question and critique what has been presented to you from multiple angles and from within multiple analytical frameworks.
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Note : This course fulfills a Science & Technology (GS) requirement for students under GenEd and Science & Technology Second Level (SB) for students under Core. Students cannot receive credit for this course if they have successfully completed EES/Geology 0842 or GUS 0842. Texts This course has requires two texts: 1. State of the World 2010: Transforming Cultures (The Worldwatch Institute) 2. Living in the Environment 16 th Edition (G. Tyler Miller and Scott Spoolman) Custom Copy: Chapters 1 and 10-22 ebook or regular These texts are abbreviated 2010 and LE in the course schedule below. Most of the readings come from these texts. However, there will be several other mandatory readings beyond these texts. These will be placed on e-reserve.
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Sustainable Environments 401 - Sustainable Environments GUS...

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