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English 701—Introduction to Academic Discourse Professor Benzon Paper One Topic: Gender Norms and Transgressions As our early readings in the course suggest, gender (a social category) is markedly distinct from sex (a biological category). Gender is codified, taught, learned, performed, and enforced in many different ways—many types of institutions and many diverse cultural activities play a role in this enforcement. But these norms are not always absolute rules—they can sometimes be broken, bent, and redefined by different kinds of groups and individuals in different contexts. These redefinitions force us to think about gender in new and different ways. For this assignment, you should focus on analyzing one particular situation of gender norms being transgressed . You can choose an instance from your personal experience where you either challenged or transgressed gender norms or saw another individual or group challenge or transgress them. As you think of possible topics, think of the different “locations” of culture you inhabit (school, family, community, camp, gym, party, online, etc.), what the rules and norms of gendered behavior are in those locations, when and how you’ve broken them or seen others break them, and what
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