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Portfolio Conference Preparation Sheet(1)

Portfolio Conference Preparation Sheet(1) - the work you do...

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Introduction to Academic Discourse Professor Benzon Portfolio Conference Preparation Sheet Our upcoming conference will be focused on your portfolio and, in particular, on strategies for revising your first three papers. We will be talking about where these papers stand, their individual strengths and weaknesses, and specific things you can do to make them as strong as possible before the portfolio is due. Since this conference will be driven by your thinking and your questions, you should prepare by doing several things. First, review the assignment sheets and the comments on the revised drafts for your first three papers, and try to get a sense of the most important and urgent things you need to revise in each of these. Then, write down at least three questions in the space below that you would like to address in our conference. These should be specific questions about your papers and
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Unformatted text preview: the work you do in them that will help you improve in revision—think in terms of particular places in particular papers or particular elements of particular papers, and/or in terms of the specific skills we have worked on over the semester (thesis/argument, working with quotation, structure, citation, etc.) and specific places in your papers where you need to improve those things. Try to make your questions as in-depth and specific as possible. The more prepared you are and the more you’ve thought about your work before we meet, the more I’ll be able to help you. You should bring the following things to your conference: • This sheet, filled out • All of your drafts with my comments on them • Any further revised versions you’ve done since I handed each paper back Questions for Discussion: 1. 2. 3. How do we improve our portfolios, Professor Benzon?...
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