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Review for the final exam - Review for the final exam...

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Unformatted text preview: Review for the final exam- Please be familiar with the following topics for the multiple choice portion of the final exam- Be able to define/identify the parts of an attitude towards a group (i.e., stereotypes, prejudice,discrimination)- be able to define an attitude- be able to identify the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of an attitude- know when feelings of prejudice begin in children- please know the different therapeutic tools that are used by psychodynamic therapists (i.e., therapeutic alliance, free association, analysis of transference, and interpretation)- please know the different therapeutic tools used by humanistic therapists in client-centered therapy (i.e., unconditional positive regard)- the different techniques used by behavioral therapists (including, but not limited to behavioral analysis, systematic desensitization, exposure, and...
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