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Study guide for exam 2- Please be familiar with the following topics for the second exam- How psychologists define social development- the origins of attachment theory- Harlow’s theory of attachment- be able to define attachment- what behaviors/psychological processes are a part of attachment- Bolby’s theory of attachment and its functions- the different patterns of attachment, how they are defined, and what behaviors they predict in children and adults-the prevalence of secure attachment- Mary Ainsworth and the Strange Situation- when attachment behaviors peak in children- Konrad Lorenz and imprinting-be able to define nonverbal communication- Chomsky’s definition of grammar- how psychologists define language/morphemes/phonemes/ phrases/ sentences- when children are capable of fully grammatical speech- the stages children go through when learning speech- the Whorfian hypothesis- inductive reasoning-deductive reasoning- syllogisms- be able to define reasoning-superordinate, basic, and subordinate levels of categorization- categorizing
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