Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 Pg 57 Honda Civic Nation/commercial...

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Chapter 3 Pg. 57 Honda Civic Nation/commercial youtube 4 Major Groups in Advertising 1. Advertisers or clients 2. Advertising Agencies – plan, create, prepare ad campaigns, promotional materials 3. Suppliers – illustrators, photographers, printers, digital service bureaus, color film separators, video production houses, internet, web developers, consultants, research firms 4. Media – sells time (radio & TV) sells space, print, outdoor and digital/web Key Roles in Advertising Agencies youtube truth in advertising – art and copy film Account Executive : liaison between agency and client. 1. Writing and executing advertising plan 2. Represents clients point of view to agency and agencies POV to client 3. Strategist – versed in all media and demonstrates how the agencies creative work satisfies the clients marketing needs and the markets product needs 4. Deliver work on time and on budget Account Planners : liaison between consumer, creative team and client 1. Uses research to bridge the gap between account executives and creative’s 2. Defends consumers POV between creative team and client Large agencies have account planners positions otherwise it becomes the AE’s job. Media Planning and Buying : critical role, only way for advertisers to communicate is through a medium. Responsible for: research, negotiating, scheduling, buying and verifying 1.
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Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 Pg 57 Honda Civic Nation/commercial...

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