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Final Presentation Outline and Grading Rule#1: Develop creative work that will build an emotion with the audience. If your creative work has no emotion, your presentation will have no emotion. Rule#2: Your creative strategy should come directly out of conclusions you reached in your research. When developing your research questionnaire, ask questions that will lead you to actionable information. When analyzing your research, look at the data critically and analyze what you have learned. Rule#3: Develop a big idea and sell it. Rule#4: Have fun, be creative, and make it look like you are having fun. When you are presenting, smile. Recommendations for Set-up of Final Presentation Note: Each number below represents a separate power point frame 1. Opening frame: team name and logo 2. Introduce team members 3. Introduce your client/product 4. Include RELEVANT secondary background research on product/ company history, and any data on your client’s competitors. Keep it simple and short. 5.
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FinalPresOutlineGrading - Final Presentation Outline and...

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