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DEPARTMENT OF ADVERTISING SPRING 2010 INTRODUCTION TO ADVERTISING 1102 003 SYLLABUS* Professor Wendy Wolfinger Coleman Classroom Annenberg Hall, Room AH00004 Class Time MWF 12:00 12:50PM Meeting Time MWF 9:50 10:50AM Atrium, Annenberg Hall Email [email protected] (responses on weekdays only) School of Communications and Theater TEMPLE UNIVERSIT Y ® COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is designed to provide an overall introduction to the constantly changing world of advertising. You will learn how advertising agencies develop strategic plans, creative materials and media strategies in order to effectively sell their clients’ products and services. We will spend time exploring the relationship of advertising agencies to their clients and various media outlets. We will also discuss the role of new technology and new media and their impact on the advertising industry. COURSE OBJECTIVES To provide a strong foundation for further study in advertising and related fields. Make theoretical and applied connections to other social sciences, such as sociology and psychology. Understand the advertising process and advertising as a tool of persuasion. Learn how to develop an advertising campaign, including strategic planning, media planning, public relations, creative development and overall presentation skills. REQUIRED TEXT Essentials of Contemporary Advertising by William F. Arens, David H. Schaefer and Michael Wiegold, McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2009. Available in the campus bookstore. Recommended Supplementary Reading Where the Suckers Moon by Randall Rothenberg This book puts you on the inside of competing agencies as they create and sell their “Big Idea” to win the account. Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy This book is about one of the greatest copywriters of all times and his thoughts and beliefs about advertising. Throughout the semester, we will be looking at different forms of marketing communications and discussing continual updates and occurrences in the world of advertising. To participate in these discussions, you may wish to view the following on a regular basis (some require a subscription): adcritic.com adverblog.com adforum.com adage.com nytimes.com/media
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COURSE REQUIREMENTS/POLICIES Attendance and Lateness You will only get out of this course as much as you put in. To learn the material you must read your assigned chapters, be present and participate in class. You must be in attendance to complete in-class work or take a pop quiz. We have a lot of material to cover so your attendance is mandatory. If you are absent, please ask one of your classmates for the notes and or assignments. Your absence from class will negatively affect your ability to actively participate in discus- sions, and in class projects. More than three (3) absences will result in the reduction of your FINAL grade by two (2) points per absence, regardless of forewarning. Arrival after the roll has been taken will result in being counted late. If you are late twice (2), it will count as an absence.
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