Draft November 30 2009 pm

Draft November 30 2009 pm - displacement of classic...

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November 30, 2009 WAL-MART ESSAYS DUE ON WEDNESDAY. NO LATE PAPERS ACCEPTED! We have dealt with economic and social issues so far. What are some examples of economic issues? Unemployment – rate of; how it effects other businesses; how to fix it – the business goes under OR outsourcing OR bad worker. Social Security – the longest lasting New Deal program. Government regulation of banks (the economy overall); Progressives – worker protections, quality of goods (FDA) What about social issues? Gay marriage Race Women’s rights Welfare Abortion Class – funding of schools0 Health Care
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Immigration Drugs Gun Control Religion and Public Schools – sex education v. abstinence; Pledge; Moment of Silence – school prayer; Science education – creationism v. evolution Fiorina’s book Culture War? His definition of Culture War:
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Unformatted text preview: displacement of classic economic conflicts by moral and religious ones – 2 Today’s cultural issues include: sexuality, morality, and religion and it seems to journalists and pundits that they are “deeper” than previously. What are red and blue states? http://www-personal.umich.edu/~mejn/election/2008/ Figure 2.1 on p. 14 – Yes, we have close elections, but is it because most Americans are more extreme and very few are in the middle, or is it that most Americans are moderates, barely leaning toward one side or the other? Four factors contributing to the Myth: 1.Closely Divided or Deeply Divided? – see statistics on p. 12-13. For instance: House Republican Vote: 2000 48.3 % 2002: 52.9% 2004: 50.4% 2006: 46.4% (53.6% Dems) 2008: 40.9% (59.1% Dems) p. 14 shows two theoretical scenarios...
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Draft November 30 2009 pm - displacement of classic...

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