Lecture September 21

Lecture September 21 - 2. Promotes public spirit through...

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September 21, 2009 Review: Equality v. Liberty deTocqueville observes that America owed their victory over England more to the ocean (geography) than their patriotism. p. 78. This distinguishes us from the French Revolution. Our constitutional system embodies equality and its problems: -legislative powerful -executive very weak, except in foreign affairs, then circumstances keep him so - 80 -court system maintains authority through a system of passive authority -federalism=local politics active -great parties not found in America because once a great question is decided, we move on and will not revisit it. Majority Rule Positive Aspects: 1. Promotes the welfare of the greatest possible number
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Promotes public spirit through irresistible patriotism 3. Strong belief in individual rights (Bill of Rights) 4. Encourages political activity/participation Negative aspects (also called Tyranny of the Majority): 1. Tyranny under law. (Too much power in the legislative branch; opinion of the majority may not be that wise) 112 2. No redress of grievances. (majority rule controls all American institutions; majoritys opinion makes and executes laws more absolutely than any monarch) 115 3. No freedom of opinion. 117-118, 105 4. Psychological Despotism of the Individual. (excessive concern about equality promotes individualism)...
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Lecture September 21 - 2. Promotes public spirit through...

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