October 21 lecture 1-6

October 21 lecture 1-6 - Review Monopoly The Game...

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October 20, 2009 Review Monopoly – The Game? Immigration – Old v. New Problems with Immigrant Ideals: Political freedom – had many overtones of racial discrimination. White Europeans frequently were given more freedoms than immigrants from other backgrounds. “Poor” laws and health restrictions were meant to exclude some immigrants. Today, new legal immigrants must have sponsors to prevent people from coming to the US and claiming social welfare benefits. Civic Equality : While America has a myth of being a great melting pot, a bastion of cultural assimilation, most of the real life of immigrants was rooted in their ethnic enclaves. That meant power in political machines based on ethnicity ; the categorization of civil rights based on shifting notions of racial class (i.e. Italians, Mexicans). Economic Opportunity : In the late 19 th century, immigrants provided cheap labor to help industrial concerns grow (sound familiar?). Railroads, textile mills and mines depended on these
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October 21 lecture 1-6 - Review Monopoly The Game...

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