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Advertising 1141 – Introduction to Advertising Research Fall 2010 Instructor: Bob Munkacsy Section 002: T-Th 9:30-10:50am Section 003: T-Th, 11:00am- 12:20pm Office Hours: before or after class or by appointment Email: [email protected] Phone: 856-669-4038 cell (any time) Course Description: As an advertising professional, you will encounter and use research in one of two ways. If you decide to become a research specialist, you will be responsible for the planning, execution, analysis and presentation of research findings. It will be you job to provide the information others need to make the best advertising and marketing related decisions. However, if you decide to take a position in a different department of an agency, such as account management, media or creative, you will be a research user . You will use the information gathered by others to help you make better decisions and to help you do your job more efficiently and successfully. Regardless of the position you take in the advertising industry, you will either be a user or a creator of research. This course will teach you how to use and design research. You will learn how to evaluate the soundness of the information gathered by research and how to evaluate the appropriateness of various research techniques for different informational needs. Most important, you will learn that better advertising decision making occurs when you are able to support your professional judgement with research insights. Key topics we’ll cover: The process of successful research plan design Traditional and innovative ways of conducting research Consumer, media, and advertising research methods’ differences and similarities The evolving role of the advertising research manager and account planner How advertising research applies to every job in an ad agency or marketing department
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Objectives: Understand the wide variety of areas in which research plays a role in advertising Develop the ability to gather useful data for strategic, media, and creative development research Learn to use research and findings to provide possible answers to creative problems Identify how research helps to achieve effective communications Required Readings A photocopied “course packet” is the basis for our readings in this course. I recommend that you purchase the course packet as soon as possible at the beginning of the semester. It is available now for about $70 in the Anderson Copy Center (Room 35) and may take 24 hours to become available after purchasing. This course packet includes content from the following two books (as well as some other sources):
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ADV1141.Syllabus - Advertising 1141 Introduction to...

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