OOH Assignment - reached their audience and why The written...

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Advertising Media Planning I Adv 2131 (Section 002) February 15, 2011 Assignment: Over the course of this week, observe three different types of traditional OOH advertising. This may include billboards (digital and non-digital), mall, transit, etc… Based on your notes about each advertisement, identify who you believe the target audience is for each execution. Express observations about this audience, and address some of the below criteria: Gender Age Race Employment Status Education Level Marital Status: Single, Engaged, Married, Divorced Housing: Apartment, Home, Rent vs. Own Household: Are their children in the home? Young children vs. older children What are some things they might own? What are their interests? How do they spend their leisure time? In your conclusion, make sure to note which execution you believe most effectively
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Unformatted text preview: reached their audience and why. The written portion of this assignment should follow the below format: • Introduction - general observations regarding traditional OOH • Sample #1 • Sample #2 • Sample #3 • Conclusion Additional Requirements: • Paper should be approximately two-three pages in length. • Paper should be written in paragraph form (no use of bullets). • Part of your grade will be based on your writing style (proper grammar, punctuation etc) and how it compares to others in the class. • Please provide a cover page that includes the following: o Course name o Section o Your name o Date • Paper should be turned in at the beginning of class next week. Due Date: February 22 nd , 2011...
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OOH Assignment - reached their audience and why The written...

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