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BTMM 0821: Grading Sheet for Final Project Group ___ (___ /30 pts) Date & time: Members: 1. Ability to meet deadline (4 pts) Presented on schedule Uploaded the final piece and presentation outline/powerpoint to Blackboard on due date 2. Originality (4 pts) The idea is original, innovative, and marketable (Does it appeal to you? Why or why not?) Differences of the project from existing technology/program/channel/service are explained Technology/program/service/channel idea is creative (TV? Internet? mobile? games? other?) 3. Organization and fluency of presentation (6 pts) The presentation was organized well The presentation was fluent and engaging The outline/powerpoint was well prepared The project idea was clearly explained The presenters were well prepared 4. Quality of the final piece (6 pts) The piece: video/Web site/media collage/other
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Unformatted text preview: The purpose and choice of the final piece was appropriate: Composition and design for story-telling/demonstration was creative: Good efforts are put into the creation of media piece (style, organization, use of visual images): Audio choice, if applicable (fit to the content and audibility): 5. Overall impression of the project (5 pts) How well and engaging was the piece/idea presented for the target audience? How likely is it that the piece/idea would be successful in real-life 2-3 years from now? The sources of economic and technological viability are thought out well (How expensive and/or complex it would be to realize the project idea in real life?) (Circle the economic solution: advertising? subscription? product placement? other?) 6. Individual contributions (5 pts) Has everyone presented and contributed to the group work?...
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