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BTMM 821 Group Discussion Grading Sheet Date & time: Group #: Members: Grades (Total 20 points): 1. Completing the upload on time (2 pts): a. Summary of the articles and links to two articles posted on time b. 5-6 discussion questions posted on time 2. Quality and relevance of the articles (2 pts): a. The articles deal with or are related to class topics b. The articles are substantial and insightful c. The articles are from credible sources d. The articles are published in the last 2 years 3. Quality of summary and discussion prompt questions (4 pts): a. Summary is clearly written and appropriately detailed b. Summary is thoughtful and demonstrates understanding c. Questions are thoughtful and stimulating discussion
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Unformatted text preview: d. Proper grammar, spelling, punctuation; no typos 4. Framing of the discussion (4 pts): a. The presentation started with an introduction b. There was a logical sequence to the information c. There was a clear end to the presentation d. The presentation started on time and took 20 minutes 5. Engaging the audience (4 pts): a. Presenters were prepared and rehearsed; and spoke loud and clear b. Presenters did not just read from scripts, but made eye contact c. Presenters engaged the audience with discussion prompt questions d. Presenters handled questions from the audience with knowledge and respect e. Visual aids were used as necessary and appropriate (optional) 6. Individual contributions (4 pts)...
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