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Student Name: _____________________________ Response Paper (Total 20 points) Purpose of the assignment is met (6 pts) _______ The choice of channel, program, technology, or service is relevant (2 pts) Relates media convergence to a specific channel/program/technology/service (2 pts) Discusses audience, genre, technology use, delivery options, and funding (at least 2-3 of these) (2 pts) Quality and depth of analysis (8 pts) _______ Demonstrates understanding of convergence and the class readings (2 pts) Readings are critically analyzed and properly applied to the topic (2 pts) Arguments are logical and well supported with examples and evidence (2 pts)
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Unformatted text preview: Three readings are used with proper in-text citation and a bibliography (2 pts) Quality of writing and presentation (6 pts) _______ Paper is clearly written, thoughtful, and easy to follow (1.5 pts) Paper is well organized with an introduction and a conclusion (1.5 pts) Paper is written with proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and no typos (1.5 pts) Paper was submitted to Blackboard and in hard copy, paper is professional-looking, adheres to 500-word limit, pages stapled together (1.5 pts) Total _______/20 pts...
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