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pitch_grading - Financial resources and expenses are...

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Team Pitch & Blog Grading Sheet (10 points) Date & time: __________________________________________ Group: __________ Project development (5 pts) _______ The idea is original, innovative, and marketable (1 pt) Target companies/investors and niche audience are identified well (1 pt) Research is conducted on existing similar program/technology/service (1 pt) Technological feasibility is thought through and the TU community standard is maintained (not offensive and PG 13 rating) (1 pt)
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Unformatted text preview: Financial resources and expenses are estimated reasonably (1 pt) Presentation (5 pts) _______ Presentation is well prepared and organized; and takes 5 minutes (1 pt) Presenters speak clearly, make eye contact, and engage the audience (1 pt) The idea is clearly explained, and questions are fielded well (1 pt) The blog entry is clearly written, well organized, and thoughtful (1 pt) The blog entry is posted on time and adheres to 250-word limit (1 pt) Total _______/10 pts...
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