CARTOGRAMS - CARTOGRAMS Defining Cartograms: 1)

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CARTOGRAMS Defining Cartograms: 1) A small diagram, on the face of a map, showing quantitative  information.  1)  An abstracted and simplified map the base of which is not true to  scale.  Types of Cartograms A cartogram is a type of graphic that depicts attributes of geographic objects as the object's area. Because a cartogram does not depict geographic space, but rather changes the size of objects depending on a certain attribute, a cartogram is not a true map. Cartograms vary on their degree in which geographic space is changed; some appear very similar to a map, however some look nothing like a map at all. Key Terms: Geographic Object : Some thing that exists in geographic space, like a country, a city, a river or a house. Attribute : Some characteristic of a geographic object; such as a country's population, its literacy rate, or Gross National Product.
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TYPES OF CARTOGRAMS NON-CONTIGUOUS CARTOGRAMS - geographic objects do not have to maintain connectivity with
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CARTOGRAMS - CARTOGRAMS Defining Cartograms: 1)

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