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I. Geographical Perspective on Population A. humans at core of our concern w/ human-environment interaction B. people make history and they also make geography in an interconnected world C. D. demography: the study of human population, its fundamental characteristic, growth and change. E. the geographer extends such a study to that of human •Human Dispersals From Ancient Cultural Hearths 2) the Yellow River Valley of China 3) the South Pacific and MesoAmerica II. Fundamental Characteristics of Population: Demographic Measures A. Fertility-incidence of child-bearing in a pop. 1) cbr-per 1000 B. Mortality-incidence of death in a pop. 1) cdr-per 1000 2) net pop. growth=cbr-cdr 3) life expectancy D. Population Composition 1) sex ratio 2) population pyramid II. History and Theories of Population
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Unformatted text preview: A. Malthus- if food supply increases so does population until point of catastophic starvation when pop. exceeds food supply. War drought and famine have always kept pop. in check. B. Demographic Transition Theory 1) Stage 1-high br, high dr, pop low 2) Stage 2- high br, lower dr. pop high 3) Stage 3-br=dr, zero pop. growth III. Population Control and Demographic Policies A. Family Planning B. Contraception C. Mass Media and Education I. Migration: The process of human redistribution A. Reasons: 1) push-pull factors 2) voluntary 3) involuntary/forced: slavery refugees (ex/internal) 4) immigration: in/out migration B. Routes of Migration 1) migratory flows (trade, transport routes, info) 2) migration chains & sojourners C. Human Origins and Diffusions 1) Prehistoric 2) Modern 3) European Outreach 4) An African Diaspora 1 D. African American Frontier Settlement Geography...
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POPGROWTH_Mach12_2011_LectureOutline - A. Malthus- if food...

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