431 Final - 431 Final Homeless: Assertive community...

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431 Final Homeless: Assertive community treatment- team to give service Defintions: primary, secondary and tertiary prevention related to the homelss Landmarks and community mental heath In the 50s Joint Comission MIAH started research Risk factors for homeless with mental health disorders Read WHO IS HOMELESS Read myths and facts Be aware of the political trends that is going on with the homeless Types of services for people who are homelss: emergency, transitional, supportive Reffrels, where to go for what Elderly Psych: People who are elderly who have psych disorders, erikson stage: ego integrity vs. despair. If schitzo, may be in trust vs mistrust Don’t ask specific ? on theories of aging but understand norm aging process Special Concerns of elderly: retirement, long term care, abuse Assessment, intervention, and goals Understand types of groups that is really good for an elderly pt with a psych dx Medications, may be having probs with substance abuse SEXUALITY: Need to know what nurse needs to know on a basic level: self awareness (what is MY
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431 Final - 431 Final Homeless: Assertive community...

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