Subjunctive with adverbial clauses

Subjunctive with adverbial clauses - ESCAPAA E n caso de...

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Unformatted text preview: ESCAPAA E n caso de (que) in case....... S in (que) without (that)....... C on tal (que) provided that, so that................................... A ntes de (que) before.......................... P ara (que) in order that, so that.................. A menos (que) unless............ A fines de (que) so that............. There are two things to remember with this group: If there is a "QUE", you must use the subjunctive. If there is no "QUE", you must use the infinitive. (Without the "que" these are prepositions and we know that infinitives always follow prepositions.) Never use the indicative after one of these! Yo te digo para que puedas saber dnde estaremos. I'm telling you so that you will know where we will be. Necesito la cuchilla para cortar el pan. I need the knife to cut the bread. Me afeito antes de ducharme . I shave before showering. Me afeito antes de que salgas para las clases. I shave before you leave for school. No puedes sacar buenas notas sin estudiar . You can't get good grades without studying. No podemos sacar buenas notas sin que el maestro nos ayude . We can't get good grades unless the teacher helps us Practica: 1. Te llamar antes de que ellos (salir) ________________ 2. Va al parque para que sus amigos (poder) ________________ verlo. 3. Lo hace sin que yo (saber) ________________. 4. Devuelve el libro sin ________________ (leerlo). 5. Cena en restaurantes con tal que (servir) ________________sopa picante. 6. No te ayudo a menos que t (ayudar) ________________a otros tambin. 7. El profesor lo ensea a fines de que los estudiantes (comprenderlo) ________________bien. 8. Lo tiene en caso de que (haber) ________________un incendio. 9. Leemos para ________________ (aprender). C uando when... A unque although... M ientras while... E n cuanto as soon as... L uego que as soon as... o T an pronto como as soon as... The rules to follow when in CAMELoT . If the event is going to take place in the future, or if the event is...
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Subjunctive with adverbial clauses - ESCAPAA E n caso de...

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