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Notes from Wednesday November 17, 2010 Patricia Williams Essay Subject position: There is no single self or identity o Different selves are called up in different situations and different ways that we are addressed Ex. If we are addressed as Americans we will look at things differently than if we were addressed as suburbanites We consciously enact different roles Redhibitory Vice: Defect with a product and the person selling it knows that there is something wrong with it What’s important in this case: grasping what the legal truth is Learning to think like a lawyer: To look at thinks objectively The main features of the genre of legal writing (p. 125):
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Unformatted text preview: o Treat a concept like a real reality Treat abstract concepts as if they are real things Which brings about “Definitional polarities” • Things should be fit into one category • There is no in-between • Absolute categories • “Black and white” “right and wrong” o There are certain legal truths and procedures that are seen as true and can be applied regardless of context, culture, and time. o Act as if there are immutable things in the world and it is possible to ascertain truth about the law and it requires that you abstract from any consideration of different perspectives or particularities. •...
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