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Psychology and Law - 18:41 Psych and Law/ Psych 372 Study...

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18:41 Psych and Law/ Psych 372 Study Guide/ Midterm This guide gives you tips on what material I expect you to know for the midterm exam. It is not guaranteed to be exhaustive, but it is fairly complete. 1. Explain sociological, psychological, and biological theories of crime causation, being sure to include the various subtypes under each group. 2. What are the different types of jury consultants? Of which type does the APA approve? Conduit or educator (tell all) o Regards his/her own field as the first priority. Philosopher – ruler/advocate (tell your side) Hired gun (APA ethics forbid this/must “prevent distortion, misuse or suppression of psychological findings.” o Work in the service of their employer’s values rather than trying to advance their own. o The motivation is to help the person who hired the expert o APA is aginst this Expert Witnessing – during a trial each side may ask the judge to permit expert witnesses to testify, as part of its presentation of the evidence. Can express opinions. o Fact witnesses – Testify about what they have observed or what they know as fact. Don’t express opinions like expert witnesses. Frye test – Well-recognized standards regarding principles of evidence for a particular field should determine the admissibility of expert testimony. o Additional guidelines added like: Federal rules of evidence: Qualified experts can testify “if scientific, technical, or other specialized knowledge will assist the trier of fact to understand the evidence or to determine a fact in issue” o Helps keep out “junk science” 3. What types of help can a psychologist provide in the courtroom?
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Testify re sanity (at the time of the crime, to stand trial, to be executed) Custody hearings Child sexual abuse cases Rape trauma syndrome PTSD/ Battered spouse Appeals about unfair jury composition Jury selection Prepare lawyers, defendants, and witnesses Change of venue Testify re eyewitness validity issues Testify re stereotypes (Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins, 1989) Statistical analysis on discrimination in employment, death penalty, death qualified jurors, non-unanimous juries Researcher Consultant to law enforcement Trial consultant o It is possible for anyone with any level of training to proclaim him or herself as a trial consultant. “All you need is a client.” 4. How does hypnosis affect witness testimony? What was outlined in State v Hurd? What is the totality of circumstances test? Only trained psychiatrists/psychologists- independent of the police department- should conduct a forensic hypnosis and questioning. Reduces leading/suggestive questions. It is important to keep separate what the witness knew before the hypnosis
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Psychology and Law - 18:41 Psych and Law/ Psych 372 Study...

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