Diminished groupoffour assessing competence

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Unformatted text preview: it again (same recidivism) Get out of mental hospital quickly (often longer than sentence) New Suggestion Conditional release program Intensive supervision Have to stay on meds Off drugs Off alcohol Should we use GBMI, NGRI, Should diminished capacity, nothing? diminished Group of four Assessing Competence Why do we care about competence? Accurate judgments Morality of punishment Perceived fairness of judicial system Competence to confess Waive Miranda knowingly, intelligently, & voluntarily Less focus on mental health issues than on police methods Competency to waive attorney Understand & free will Not necessary to have legal training Competence to refuse insanity Competence defense defense Unibomber : Ted Kuzynsky Split opinion Can we force it so we only punish morally responsible people Is reject it a right? Competence to be sentenced Competence and punished and Understand what punishment is and why Would you certify someone sane so he/she could be executed? Competence to stand trial (IST) Understand c...
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