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Unformatted text preview: Psychology 101 Fall 2010 Study Guide for Exam 1 Terms and ideas to know about: Definition of Psychology, Behavior, and Mental processes 2 fields that influenced psychology Early figures: Wundt, Titchener, James, Calkins, Washburn, Sumner, and Prossor Structuralism and Functionalism Biological Approach Behavioral approach and key figures Psychodynamic approach and key figures Humanistic approach Cognitive approach Evolutionary approach Sociocultural approach 4 findings of Robins, Gosling, & Craik (1999) regarding the prominence of approaches to psychology Two major organizations of psychologists in the U.S. Hindsight Bias Theory and Hypothesis 5 steps of scientific method Operational definitions Population and sample Explain the types of descriptive research Explain correlational research: Correlation coefficient, strength and direction of correlation, How are these interpreted? Scatterplot Experimental research: Independent variable, Dependent variable, Experimental group, Control group, Random...
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