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THEO 192 Exam Study Guide - THEO 192 Exam Study Guide Key...

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THEO 192 Exam Study Guide Key Concepts of Catholic Social Thought Human Rights— Ethics of Labor Immigration Where do human rights come from in the Catholic tradition? Pope John XXIII: Pacem in Terris (addressed to all mankind—about the importance of human rights_ Exodus: oppressive systems; Gods call for salvation of all (esp. the poor and oppressed) 1891, The Industrial Revolution, In Rerum Novarum, Pope Leo XIII writes about oppressed workers in the factories Fast Food Nation talks about worker’s conditions in a slaughterhouse somewhere in the High Plains Thomas Aquinas on Natural Law: (Reason that is given by God for the common good of al people) What specific rights to workers have? (from Rerum Novarum) Sundays off, Reasonable working hours, No Child Labor, Just Wages, Freedom of Association (Unions) Define a just wage in Catholic social thought. (from Rerum Novarum) The wage must be enough to support the wage earner in reasonable and frugal comfort Common Good— Economy and Markets Ecology Poverty/Public Health What does the common good have to do with the economy? The economy must work towards the common good of all rather than just one group. How can you determine if the economy is functioning properly? The economy must weight its worth against the status of the poor. Are they flourishing? If they are not, the economy is not functioning properly.
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The economy must be evaluated based on whether the economy is serving the poor, and if it is, then it is successful. What is the relationship between the common good and the welfare of the poor? They are directly related because the common good means working towards the flourishing of all people especially the poor. Solidarity— Immigration How does interdependence affect solidarity? In order to participate in solidarity, working towards a common goal, one must participate in interdependence as well. Without interdependence, there would be no solidarity. How do solidarity and
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THEO 192 Exam Study Guide - THEO 192 Exam Study Guide Key...

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