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Chapter 2 Practice Questions What is any measurable quantity that can vary or change? Variable What is a system or method for assigning numbers to variables? Measurement What is a description of a variable in measurable terms? Operational Definition What do you call the status of whether or not something is true or not? Validity What do you call the ability of an observation to be repeated? Reliability What do you call a testable statement? Hypothesis What is an inter-related set of propositions capable of generating a hypothesis? Theory What is the probability that a scientist will use previous findings in his/her experiment? It is rare not to have an experiment consist of previous findings How many different classes of research
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Unformatted text preview: methods are there? 3 What are the different classes of research? Observation; Correlation; Experimentation What is the lowest level of research? Observation What is recording behavior over time? Observation What method shows relationship between two variables, but not the causes? Correlation What is the method in which you manipulate and control your variables, also the most powerful method? Experimentation What group receives treatment? Experimental group What group receives no treatment? Control group Who do you give the Placebo to? The Control Group What are the ethical principles in research? Minimal risk; Informed consent; Right to privacy; Justification for pain in animals...
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