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Chapter 4 Practice Questions

Chapter 4 Practice Questions - below the threshold in...

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Chapter 4 Practice Questions What is the simple awareness due to the stimulation of a sense organ? Sensation What is the organization, identification, and interpretation of a sensation in order to form a mental representation? Perception What is the process in which many sensors in the body convert physical signals from the environment into neural signals sent to the central nervous system? Transduction What are methods that measure the strength of a stimulus and the observer’s sensitivity to that stimulus? Psychophysics What kind of method of the above has a fixed number of stimuli varying above and
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Unformatted text preview: below the threshold in random order in which the subject must give a negative or positive answer? Method of Constant Stimuli What is the minimal intensity needed to just barely detect a stimulus? Absolute threshold What is the minimum change in intensity of a stimulus that can just barely be detected? Just Noticeable Difference (JND) What is the Weber’s Law equation/fraction? ∆ I/I=k What is the process of transmitting a representation of the stimulus into the brain? Sensory coding What is the process...
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