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Anth 102; Week 3 The Meaning of Progress and  Development 02/02/2010 12:48:00 slide1 progress: the idea that human history is the story of s steady advance from a  life dependent on the whims of nature to a life of control and domination over  natural forces slide2 Lewis Henry Morgan 3 stages of development savagery; barbarism; civilization change due to technological invention early: fire Middle: bow and arrow Late: pottery; agriculture; animal domestication Slide3 Leslie White (mid 20 th  century) Tech driving force of cultural evolution Humans use tech to get what they need More tech makes more goods for people Direct relationship between development and tools Slide4 Tech is true measure of progress More tech solves more problems and moves us along Although arguments that too much tech has side effects
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This note was uploaded on 04/14/2011 for the course ANTH 102 taught by Professor Kalantary during the Spring '10 term at Loyola Chicago.

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anth102_notes_020210 - Anth102;Week3TheMeaningofProgressand...

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