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Mark Outline 1 (1) - OUTLINE OF THE GOSPEL OF MARK 1:113...

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OUTLINE OF THE GOSPEL OF MARK 1:1–13 INTRODUCTION TO THE GOSPEL: Jesus is revealed to the reader (not to the disciples) as the Christ (Messiah), the “beloved son” who will overcome evil. 1:1 Title: Jesus identified as the Christ and (the Son of God). 1:2–8 Role of John the Baptist: John's role is exclusively that of pointing to the coming of Jesus. 1:9–11 Baptism of Jesus by John: Jesus is baptized and receives the Spirit; he is revealed to the reader as the “beloved son.” This occurs through an interpretative vision. 1:12–13 Temptation of Jesus: Jesus is driven into the wilderness by the Spirit and there is tempted by Satan and overcomes the temptation. 1:14–15 First Transitional Unit: This unit summarizes the preaching of Jesus in Galilee: “The time ( kairos ) is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.” 1:16–3:6 JESUS PREACHES AND HEALS BUT IS REJECTED BY THE JEWISH LEADERS: This section moves through teaching and healing through opposition and finally to rejection by the Pharisees and Herodians. 1:16–20 The Call of the First Disciples: Simon, Andrew, James, and John. This episode sets the stage for Jesus' relationship with his disciples (an important theme that runs throughout the Gospel). This passage parallels 3:13–19 (the choosing of the twelve) and 6:7–13 (the sending out of the twelve). 1:21–34 A Day at Capernaum: This section is structured by means of temporal references, “. ..and immediately on the sabbath (1:21). ..and immediately (1:29). ..That evening (1:32). Care is also taken to emphasize the spread of Jesus' fame. 1:21–28 Jesus teaches in the synagogue at Capernaum and cures the possessed man. The demon recognizes him as the Holy One of God and is told to be silent. 1:29–31 Jesus cures Simon's mother-in-law. 1:32–34 Jesus heals many sick and possessed people. The demons are not allowed to speak but it is obvious that Jesus' fame is spreading. These cures take place in the evening and close out the day at Capernaum. 1:35–45 Jesus' Mission to Other Towns: This section moves the narrative beyond Capernaum to all of Galilee (1:39). 1:35–38 Jesus' decision to preach in other towns. 1:39 Summary statement of Jesus' preaching and casting out demons throughout Galilee. 1:40–45 The Cleansing of the Leper: Notice again how Jesus' fame spreads, even despite what he tells the leper (that is, to say nothing).
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2 2:1–3:6 Jesus teaches and heals, but in the face of growing opposition. This section seems to be structured by a chiasm. a. 2:1–12 The Healing of the Paralytic. This is a controversy apophthegm imbedded in a miracle story. b. 2:13–17 The Call of Levi and Table–Fellowship with Outcasts. This expands on the question of sinners and the forgiveness of sins. A question of eating . c. 2:18–22
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Mark Outline 1 (1) - OUTLINE OF THE GOSPEL OF MARK 1:113...

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