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2011.sp.syllabus - PLSC 342(BWS 342 INTS 342)SPRING 2011...

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PLSC 342 (BWS 342; INTS 342)—SPRING 2011 AFRICAN POLITICS Professor Peter J. Schraeder T/TH 10:00-11:15 Mundelein Center 304 Office Hours: T/TH, 1:00-2:00) (or by appointment) Office: Coffey Hall 335 Office Phone: 773-508-3070 Email: [email protected] COURSE DESCRIPTION This course introduces you to the extremely diverse and exciting world of African politics. We will focus on the general trends affecting the 53 countries that comprise the African continent, although an emphasis will be placed on the special case studies of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Sudan, South Africa, and Tunisia. Since an understanding of the past is crucial to our understanding of the present, we will first explore the politics of African political kingdoms during the precolonial independence era (prior to 1884), followed by an assessment of the impact that colonial rule (roughly 1884-1951) exerted on these political systems. The primary focus of the course, however, is the nature and evolution of a wide variety of topics within African politics during the contemporary independence era (roughly 1951-present), with a particular focus on the post-9/11 era (2001-present). COURSE OBJECTIVES Provide you with an understanding of the evolution of African politics from the precolonial independence era (prior to 1884) to the present. Introduce you to various topics of contemporary African politics, with an emphasis on the post-9/11 era (2001-present). Make you more aware of current political events throughout the African continent. COURSE EVALUATION The distribution of grades will be as follows: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Mid-Term Exam 30% Map Quizzes 5% Bibliography for Research Paper 5% Research Paper 30% Final Exam 30% ---------------------------------------------------------------- Total 100% ---------------------------------------------------------------- COURSE EXPECTATIONS 1
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Students are requested to pay special attention to five major ground rules for the course: (1) Readings . Students will be required to read a significant amount of readings each week. The readings will serve as an integral part of the class discussions following the lectures. Students must therefore complete the required readings prior to the lecture day for which they are assigned. (2) Make-Up Exams . As a general rule, I do not offer make-up exams. If you miss a scheduled exam, and do not have a valid excuse, you will receive an "F" for that particular exam. (3) Grading . I use the following scale: 93-100 (A); 90-92 (A-); 87-89 (B+); 83-86 (B); 80-82 (B); 77-79 (C+); 73-76 (C); 70-72 (C-); 67-69 (D+); 63-66 (D); 60-62 (D-); 59 and below (F). (4) Attendance . I offer an incentive program for the serious student: If you miss no more than one class throughout the semester, your final grade for the class will be raised three percentage points. For example, a final grade of 87 (B+) would be raised to a 90 (A-). (5) Academic Integrity
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2011.sp.syllabus - PLSC 342(BWS 342 INTS 342)SPRING 2011...

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