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Study guide essay answers - 7) Isocrates criticizes the...

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7) Isocrates criticizes the Sophists for saying that they can teach people to become a great speaker, and that if they study under them, they will know what to do in life and through this knowledge will become happy and prosperous. He also says that there are no rules that guarantee a good speech, there are just characteristics of a good one which are, style, and kairos(fitness of the occasion). He also believes that Rhetoric, and discourse are an art and therefore cannot be taught but are a skill we are born with. That for ability, whether in speech or in any other activity, is found in those that are well endowed by nature, and have been schooled by practical nature. This relates to larger philosophical issues because, Isocrates says these things because Sophists were not highly regarded at the time.(He gave us that example in class of how today many politicians say they are not politicians, because of the negative stereotypes we have about them) Aristotle says that all men make use of both Rhetoric and Dialectic, and that ordinary people do this either at random or through practice and from acquired habit.
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Study guide essay answers - 7) Isocrates criticizes the...

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