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authors to know for rhetoric exam 2

authors to know for rhetoric exam 2 - Christine de...

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Christine de Pizan - -“woman of letters” -Art about teaching virtue -painting of her writing letters -learns how to write and read -becomes well-trained -supportive husband - Husband and father die - begins to write - Most popular writer -got paid by Patrons to write biographies -employed widows at copy shop - Life for woman is hard -“Quarrel of Rose” -depicts woman as foolish, corrupt whores -Pizan speaks up for woman and criticizes -women have very little opportunity *Gives advice to woman -“how to get along in the world” *ALL women (of all social ranks) -advice is realistic and practical *Advises: -women should use language to protect themselves and achieve their goals 1. Talk about peace (prevent war) 2. Avoid slander (hatred, opinion, envy) 3. Influence behind the scenes -in private -no principle, theories -specific and concrete * Wants woman to receive more credit * Her work shows signs of transition to Renaissance humanism in Europe *Important contributor to Western rhetorical tradition *What is honor for Pizan? -Don’t slander—each other or authority -Talk to husbands about peace -Avoid war -Curb husband’s need to protect honor, pride, temper -Avoid suffering, especially women’s (widows) -Understand ability/power of women to speak *Wrote “Treasure of the City of Ladies” -Provides instruction for all classes of women, how to fit in society, worldly prudence
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Margaret Fell -Renaissance improvement for woman -women were reading more -basic literacy taught in school -almost no university education for woman -if they did, very rare and difficult - Basic literacy combined with Protestant Religion (spiritual enlightenment) - take responsibility for own lives -50% of woman could sign their name -more of a leadership role - Responsible for own spiritual life -radical Protestantism (Quaker) -your relationship with God (no one in between) -Married to George Fox - Founder of “society of friends”- Quakers -he traveled a lot, she had more responsibility and freedom - opened her house, called “Swathmoor Hall”
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