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Rhetoric exam 2 terms - Midterm 2 Rome Middle Ages and...

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Midterm 2 Rome, Middle Ages, and Early Modernity The 5 canons of rhetoric: 1. Invention (development) 2. Arrangement (organization) 3. Style (style of the words) 4. Memory (recalling) 5. Delivery (appearance) Augustine’s 4 Duties of the Order: 1. Instruct – informative, simple and easy 2. Please- appealing to the audience 3. Move – hardest, achieved by moving the audience to tears or silence, it requires all three styles and a connection with the audience 3 styles of speaking 1. Plain – the very basic language, technical and simple 2. Moderate – language that is adorned with synecdoche, metonymy, and alliteration. It has clear arrangement and style. 3. Grand – this style generates emotion and passion. The speaker fuels the audience and illustrates effectively to his audience. Augustine uses Paul as an example of someone who uses grand style. No matter what style you use you must keep in mind that the three duties are: 1. Instruct 2. Please 3. Persuade Longinus Sublimity : according to Longinus sublimity is marked by excellence that ends in ecstasy or complete overwhelming satisfaction 1. Power to conceive great thought (it must be important in nature – ie. God) 2. Strong inspired emotion (passion fire) 3. Certain figure (arrangement) 4. Noble distinction (direction) 5. Quintillian’s definition of oratory “I shall approve: as for instance, that oratory is the art of speaking well”
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Quintillian’s definition of orator: “ 1. Let the orator, then, whom I propose to form be such a one as is characterized by the definition of Marcus Cato, a good man skilled in speaking…” You must have knowledge &
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Rhetoric exam 2 terms - Midterm 2 Rome Middle Ages and...

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