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1.Over the course of Western history, women's voices have consistently been silenced, displaced or forgotten. Why have the voices of women rhetors been silenced, displaced, or forgotten? What are the struggles of women rhetors as addressed by Pizan, and Fell? How did these struggles impact their writing about rhetoric ? The voices of women rhetors have been silenced because males have always wanted power. Historically, women who did speak out have had their voices silenced so that men could maintain power with no threat of losing it to women. The struggles of women rhetors as addressed by Pizan and Fell are first off, just the to use rhetoric and to use their voices. It was a struggle just to be able to use their voice because men use the bible to oppress women and their right to speech. Pizan and Fell turned around and used the being used to oppress them (the bible), as justification for why they should have rights to speech. In terms of writing, Pizan argued for the right for women to use their voices in the private sphere. However, she published her works therefore using her voice in the public sphere. She wrote an advice book to women called The Treasure of the City of Ladies. She told women to not gossip, be a mediator, and that women are smart by nature. She argued that women’s speaking was very important to the moral standing of society. That by women speaking to husbands and influencing them society will be better. For example telling husband not to go to war, will save lives. Pizan argued for women to use their private voice because through husband it can be very influential. She also argued in her book for women’s rights to education. Fell used the struggle of men trying use the bible against women to influence her writing. She showed how scriptures in the bible actually supported her argument for women’s rights. She wrote about how the Garden of Eden story was not all eve’s fault and that Adam needed to take responsibility for the choice he made. She also points out that Jesus instructed women to out and speak about his resurrection, not men. This is probably the most important event in Christian history. Both women have a common aspect in their argument, and that is interpretation of the bible. Men had made the mistake of reading in and interpreting that women were less useful and powerful then god intended for them to be. By them restating what was in the bible they were able to make an argument that says god says women should speak and be educated. They also argue that by not doing what god wants you are doing the devils work. 2. Imagine that Augustine and Bacon were to sit down and argue about the place of rhetoric in society and the idols of the marketplace and the theater. Where in society would each say rhetoric is or should be found? What is the place and nature of truth in rhetoric for these two theorists ? To Augustine rhetoric had to moral. His rhetorical theory dramatically changed roman
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Essay questions rhetoric exam 2 - 1.Over the course of...

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