ecb_iv - = FILENAME: "ecb_iv.txt" Electronic Codebook (ECB)...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Err:510 FILENAME: "ecb_iv.txt" Electronic Codebook (ECB) Mode Intermediate Value Known Answer Tests Algorithm Name: Rijndael Principal Submitter: Joan Daemen Err:510 KEYSIZE=128 KEY=000102030405060708090A0B0C0D0E0F Intermediate Ciphertext Values (Encryption) PT=000102030405060708090A0B0C0D0E0F CT1=B5C9179EB1CC1199B9C51B92B5C8159D CT2=2B65F6374C427C5B2FE3A9256896755B CT3=D1015FCBB4EF65679688462076B9D6AD CT4=8E17064A2A35A183729FE59FF3A591F1 CT5=D7557DD55999DB3259E2183D558DCDD2 CT6=73A96A5D7799A5F3111D2B63684B1F7F CT7=1B6B853069EEFC749AFEFD7B57A04CD1 CT8=107EEADFB6F77933B5457A6F08F046B2 CT9=8EC166481A677AA96A14FF6ECE88C010 CT=0A940BB5416EF045F1C39458C653EA5A Intermediate Ciphertext Values (Decryption) CT=0A940BB5416EF045F1C39458C653EA5A PT1=8EC166481A677AA96A14FF6ECE88C010 PT2=107EEADFB6F77933B5457A6F08F046B2 PT3=1B6B853069EEFC749AFEFD7B57A04CD1 PT4=73A96A5D7799A5F3111D2B63684B1F7F PT5=D7557DD55999DB3259E2183D558DCDD2 PT6=8E17064A2A35A183729FE59FF3A591F1 PT7=D1015FCBB4EF65679688462076B9D6AD
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This note was uploaded on 04/14/2011 for the course CS 236506 taught by Professor Yanivcarmeli during the Spring '11 term at Technion.

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ecb_iv - = FILENAME: "ecb_iv.txt" Electronic Codebook (ECB)...

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