EXP11 - Introduction Objective: The objective of this...

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Objective: The objective of this experiment is to find the concentration of the unknowns. Theory: Electrical conductance occurs in many different materials, either by the flow of electrons (as in electrolytes) or by the movement of other charged species (as in electrolytes or semiconductors). Electrolytic conductance involves the transport of anions to the anode and cations to the cathode while electrons are transferred to and from the ions at the electrode surfaces to complete the current path. The conductance of a solution varies with the number, size and charge of the ions and also with some characteristics of the solvent, such as viscosity. The ability of a solution to conduct electric current is expressed in terms its conductivity or conductance (reciprocal of resistance). Conductometric titration involves measurement of the solution after each addition of the titrant. After correcting for the volume change, the conductance readings are plotted as a function of the volume of the titrant added, and the equivalence point is determined by extrapolation of the straight-line portions of the curve. This equation will be used:
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EXP11 - Introduction Objective: The objective of this...

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