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Kidney Failure Scenario A: *Ms. Jones kiddney function has been impaired. * She might continue to have high blood pressure, report skin irritation, have muscular cramps and puffiness around eyes and on hands and feet. * When she had her heart operation, the blood supply was diverted away from her kidney to the heart and brian which lead to renal failure. * Since in most cases, of Acute Renal Failure, the kidney recovers, medication or dialysis is indicated, till such time as her natural urine output recovers. Scenario B: * It affects both the kidneys and the heart * Mr. Hodges will probably have high blood pressure water retention, cramps in his
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Unformatted text preview: muscles, and puffy hands and feet. , skin irritation, yellowness under skin, water retention under puffy areas on hands and feet, and muscular cramps. * AS-RAS or Atherosclerotic Renal Artery Stenosis, is a vascular disease leading to the hardening of the arteries . Atherosclerosis in general hardern the arteries all over the body and hampers blood flow to the organs all over the body. * Renal angioplast / Balloon Angioplasty are the remedies . Prognosis is not totally clear. But the leading cause has been found to be cardiovascular disease....
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