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Britain�s Industrial Revolution

Britain�s Industrial Revolution - B ri tains...

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Britain’s Industrial Revolution: First off the Mark transformed the way goods were produced, transported and sold not an abrupt change, transformations took place over a century three industrial revolution since 1700’s, o this lecture is First Industrial Revolution 1760s-1840s in Britain 1760s: innovation in textile production and power generation 1840s: government regulating work conditions manufacturing overtaking agriculture steam-powered trains and ships, preferred methods of transportation 1846, Britain felt confident enough about its economy that it turned toward free trade policies 1851, more than half the British population now lived in urban centres Why did Britain Industrialize First? Abundant Resources o coal, iron ore, land and water Experience in Trade o Centre for global trade mid 1700s o For instance fortunes were being made by British merchants, and this money could be invested into other business such as manufacturing Strong and Stable Government o
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