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Europe’s Second Logistic First logistic was the social and economic expansion in Europe, first unit From 1450-1650 Exploration, population, prices referred to as the “price revolution” New technologies industry, productivity, agriculture, shipping/boats, magnetic compass, sails, map making and cartography, gunpowder; used in war, and cannons, blast furnace for metallurgy, spinning wheel, printing press New trade routes that go across the oceans A shift in location centre’s of economic activity
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Unformatted text preview: o Portugal and Spain Prince Henry explored and they had backing of the royal family, went through Africa and South America o Netherlands Focusing elsewhere such as growing things for profit, not just doing subsistence farming they grew extra to trade, grew wheat which was expensive then sold and bought cheaper rye and ate for themselves o England Weakened nobility o France o Switzerland o Germany • Geography of the economic centre’s were changing • Political influence...
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